R E A V A S ... about us

a "Real Estate Agent's Value Added Services" company

Our company started when its owner, Peter, was asked by a friend to help him get his late father's home ready for sale.  He had little help, still had emotional ties to the home he grew up in, and had a work schedule that limited his time for this chore.  Peter told his friend to not worry about it and he would handle it all.

Peter went to the property and made a digital inventory of all the items in the house.  He also created a list, room by room, of the items and asked his friend to indicate by check-mark the items to try to sell, donate, hold for family "pilferage", or trash.  Upon return of the list, he made all of those things happen.  Even documents and items that looked of value he individual identified and held for his friend.

With the home cleared of all personal property, the house needed to be enhanced and cleaned.  All efforts were focused toward making the house appeal to the most discriminating buyer.  In other words, the home was "touchably" clean.

During this time, Peter was on site acting as project manager for any subcontractors or individuals that required access to the house thereby relieving the owner, his friend, from having to waste any time running back and forth.  His friends father also had a leased car that required estimates for repair prior to returning the car at the end of the lease.  Peter made that happen, too.  In fact, just to note, his friend was selling the home himself and Peter helped find a buyer.

Well, the agent involved in the transaction saw the work Peter had done... its condition in the beginning and that in the end, as did the buyer.  The agent told Peter: "you have a business, here."  What she was implying was that there are people or companies that clean, that haul, that organize, or project manage subcontractors or others, but what our owner does is incorporate them all.  It also helped that Peter has been assisting real estate transaction for over 22 years as a lender, agent, and settlement officer;  he understands what the buyer, seller, and agent require.

The home closed and a short time later, the buyer's agent referred a client.  Since that time, REAVAS was formed, and nearly all of its business started coming from direct real estate agent referral.

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REAVAS is a different kind of company... one that works cooperatively with the seller and agent with a common goal of enhancing the property and doing whatever else is necessary to prepare the home for sale and with competitive market value.